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The Living Eggs project is returning to Heathermount

On the 29th June we will be getting some eggs from The Living Eggs Project to hatch at Heathermount once again after the success of last year. This project allows students to observe the eggs hatching and the chicks' growth in their first few weeks of life.

The chicks will be returned to The Living Eggs Project on the 10th July where they will be placed at a farm to enjoy the remainder of their lives. It is possible for the chicks to be adopted rather than returned, however the care and maintenance of the chicks for the full extent of their lives will then rest with the person who has adopted it.

In lessons we will be monitoring the chicks' growth by measuring them and charting the findings. The students will also be making a play area for the chicks to go outside where their behaviour in the environment can be observed.

Some students will be looking after the chicks during the day, making sure that their home is clean and that they have food and water. This is being done to support those students that may want to pursue a career in animal care in the future.

LIVE VIDEO FEED - only from 4 pm to 8:30 am (Monday to Friday) - Basically not in school hours.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Note - the chicks will be looked after by a member of staff over the weekend and the video feed will be turned off for that time.