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Revision Techniques

This can be an exciting, demanding and challenging time of year for our students at Heathermount. It is an opportunity to realise and exceed their potential and provide a gateway for their future aspirations. Staying focused, determined, up to date with work, and a desire to succeed is what is required in order for students to maximise their true potential. At Heathermount, we will assist our students to:

  • Remain organised in order to meet deadlines
  • Plan their homework schedule
  • Plan their ongoing revision and reviews
  • Work to the desired standard in class
  • Work to the desired standard in their homework tasks throughout the year

As always, we rely on our parents to support our students in the best ways they can. Some useful ways to support:

  • Work on the revision timetable for each subject
  • Break revision time into small chunks - hour-long sessions with short breaks at the end of each session often work well
  • Make sure your child has all the essential books and materials
  • Support them to condense notes onto postcards to act as revision prompts
  • Buy new stationery, highlighters and pens to make revision more interesting
  • Go through school notes with your child or listen while they revise a topic
  • Time your child's attempts at practice papers

As alwys, if there are any concerns please speak directly with the relevant class teacher

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