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    Stepping Forward

    Building Confidence for Life

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      Heathermount has led me to believe in the impossible.

      June Manley, parent

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      Heathermount School has changed my son's life and ours as a family... My son is now the boy I knew he could be.

      Nicola Prout, parent

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      All the staff at Heathermount are truly wonderful.  They provide a calm, friendly and supportive environment. My son's life has completely changed and ours too as a family.

      Claire Pelton, parent

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      Heathermount has fully taken on board my son and has given him the opportunities, he once didn’t have to be the best he can be. He is absolutely loving being at Heathermount.

      Amy Bennett, parent

    Headteacher's Welcome

    I am delighted to welcome you to Heathermount,  a school set within 14 acres of stunning grounds in Sunningdale near Ascot.   At Heathermount we cherish all of our students and ensure that provision is tailored to meet individual need. We offer learning packages to children and young people with autism, dependent upon ability, needs, and interests.

    We are determined to create a learning environment which builds confidence and allows for staff and children to flourish. All staff have high expectations for students and are very proud of the amazing progress every student makes once they are secure, settled  and understood.

     All our students access the National Curriculum and all are entered for nationally recognised accreditations which include GCSEs. Running in tandem with the National Curriculum, we offer a range of vocational qualifications which include Skills for Working Life, Personal Learning, Thinking Skills and work experience opportunities. For some students post 19, we offer Level 2 Work Based Learning Apprenticeships in Hospitality and Catering, Horticulture, Business Administration and Services.

    All students are helped to become independent, confident young adults who are able to leave school and enter the world of further education or employment. No student has left Heathermount and become a government statistic for Not in Employment, Education or Training. All have either progressed to colleges of further education or into the world of work.

    We are privileged to have small teaching groups and a dedicated team of teaching  and therapeutic  staff who work relentlessly  to find solutions to any barriers that might hinder learning.    Heathermount  is a wonderful place for children to thrive and I would  encourage you to visit and  explore for yourself.

    If you would like to arrange a visit or seek further information about Heathermount and the work of The Disabilities Trust please phone the school office on 01344 875101. Julie-Ann, our office administrator, will be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

    Thank you for taking the time to browse our website.


    Jane Jackson


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    Family Partnership

     “The evidence is consistent, positive and convincing: families have a major influence on children’s achievement.  When schools, families and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better at school, stay in school longer and like school more”

    Henderson, A. and Mapp, K. (2002), ‘A New Wave of Evidence: the impact of school, family and community connects on student achievement’.



    What is Family Partnership?

    Family Partnership is a service set up by Heathermount School to further improve links to the families of children with autism who attend the school.  It’s purpose is to act as a facility that enables parents to find information about a wide range of subjects or issues, both big and small; and help them with those first steps - taking action to get what they need or address an issue that has arisen.

    We aim to share knowledge and experiences to increase confidence of both families and staff in supporting students with Autism at home and school.  We are partners in the truest sense – strength in unity and knowledge.


     Who is Family Partnership?

    Family Partnership is led by the Headteacher of the school and supported by Julie Swann. Julie has worked at Heathermount School for over 6 years supporting students in class. She is also a parent of an autistic person that has experienced both mainstream and specialist settings.  Julie has also previously been a volunteer for a local autism support group, worked on the Education Advocacy Helpline for the National Autistic Society and is a parent governor at the school.



    Areas that Julie can assist on include:

    • DLA/PIP
    • Other financial support
    • Transport issues
    • Behaviour
    • Puberty/Sex
    • Sleep patterns
    • Anxiety
    • Isolation/Social

    Transitions -Types of Transitions:

    • Internal – New class, new teacher, new subject
    • Thinking about the future – Year 9 and upwards

    Post 16/Post 19 – Moving on - What are the options?

    • Apprenticeships
    • Colleges/Further Education
    • Funding/S139
    • Employment/Work Experience

    Local support Links -

    • Voluntary/Charitable organisations
    • Speakers/Training
    • Parents forum

    If you need to contact Julie, please do not hesitate in emailing her on: Alternatively, please call Julie at the school on 01344 875 101.

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     BERIS is Heathermount’s hierarchical autism specific approach to supporting students on the autistic spectrum.

    Body Basics - I learn to (I can be) calm

    • Being calm is the fundamental requirement for students to engage in learning. Unless students are calm, learning will not take place. Students are encouraged to use a variety of calming strategies such as taking a specific amount of time out away from the group (monitored by staff), asking for a massage, using sensory toys and equipment for a specified amount of time.
    • We also encourage students to recognise their bodily changes when they are becoming anxious and implementing calm plans before they go into meltdown.

    Environment - I learn to (I can) use systems of work

    • The environment is structured for learning through the use of group tables, work bays for independent work, visual timetables, task sheets etc. Structures are individualised and flexible. The environment is labelled according to the individual needs of the class.
    • We recognise when a child needs to be out of the classroom environment and learning can take place outside or in a different room away from the main group.

    Relatedness - I learn to (I can) relate to others

    • Supporting the development of theory of mind – understanding how their actions can affect others.
    • Helping the students to be aware of the world around them and how they fit into society.
    • The generalisation of social skills by using opportunities to practise what they have learnt at school in other settings.
    • Understanding the need to communicate appropriately and not using behaviour to communicate.
    • Individualised visual cues and prompts are used to support appropriate communication.
    • Students are actively taught how to ask for help.

    Insight - I learn to (I can) think about what I have done

    • Students are actively encouraged and supported to develop their own calm plans.
    • Students are supported to develop insight into their behaviour and that of others. This is taught through the use of social stories and comic strip conversations particularly after an incident has occurred.
    • Students are encouraged to acknowledge and celebrate their autism and that of others.

    Self-belief - I CAN... - I just haven’t learnt it yet.

    • Students are encouraged to access all of their skills. (Pictorial/visual evidence is used to remind the students.)
    • Students are encouraged to face challenges in order to accept their own weaknesses and set targets. This helps to promote self-esteem.
    • Heathermount actively promotes an ‘I can ...’ philosophy in which students learn that it’s OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

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