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Heathermount hosts first 'Parent Support' Workshop

On 11th May, Heathermount School hosted the first parent workshop to support parents with de-escalation and thera-brushing. Parents were supported by our family partnership, occupational therapist and educational psychologist. 

It was great to see so many mums and dads attending and trying to support their children.  The session was designed to provide parents with an initial insight into why some of our students behave in the way they do and we touched on the impact of sensory overload and what anxiety might mean for each individual.  It was interesting to discover how we as parents influence the outcomes of these moments when our own anxiety is high!  

The presentation slides of the session are available from our website and we hope to run a similar session again during the course of the next academic year as well as further sessions focusing on sensory processing.  Details to follow so keep checking and book early!