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Living Eggs

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Please note: The chicks will be spending the weekend with a member of staff. This means the ‘chick-cam’ will not be available until Monday after the students have left site.

Day 4 - Thursday 21/6/18

All the eggs have now hatched and we have 4 female and 6 male chicks. Some only hatched in the early hours of Thursday morning, so will be spending Thursday night in their incubator. They will join the others in the morning.
The students have enjoyed making scientific observations of the chicks’ growth and development over the past few days.
Some comments include: “They can’t stand up well, can they.”, “Why do they keep sleeping all the time?” and “They like to cuddle each other.”
One of our primary students observed the chicks for a long time and observed the following:
I observed one of the chicks still inside the egg was moving as it had started to crack. I was able to see the chick inside moving.
I also observed that if one chick fell asleep, they all would fall asleep for a very short time, then one would wake up and they all would then wake up.
There were also 3 other eggs that haven’t hatched yet and they all have cracks in them.

Day 3 - Wednesday 20/6/18

Today has been a very busy day for the chicks. We currently have 6 eggs that hatched; 2 female, 4 male. There are still 4 eggs left to hatch, and all being well will be out and about tomorrow.

The chicks were visited today by Secondary students from B1, J1 and S1; also Primary students in Panthers, Pumas, and our Bespoke program.

The students are adding to our “Chick Journal” to track their progress while they are with us.

If anyone makes an interesting observation to add into the journal, please e-mail the date, time and notes to . Please include your name if you would like it added, or ‘anonymous’ if you do not wish your name to be added to the entry.