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History Workshops - Ancient Greeks and the Tudors

History was brought to life for our students on Friday through two dramatic interactive workshops delivered by Ufton Court. 

Our Key Stage 2 children took a trip back to Ancient Greece, becoming part of their army and learning how to fight in battle. They also learnt about everyday Greek life, looking at some artefacts and playing some Greek games. Finally, they heard the story of Medusa before returning back to the modern day! The session was an excellent adventure.  The children all really enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot about the Ancient Greeks and their way of life! 



Our Year 7 and 8 students on the other hand, developed a deeper knowledge about the Tudor era in their session. The workshop began with an overview of the Tudor era, covering key events, monarchs, and societal structures. Students learnt about daily life in Tudor England, including topics such as family life, housing, clothing, and diet. Interactive activities included playing Tudor games and exploring replicas of Tudor artefacts, helping to bring these aspects of history to life.




All the students really enjoyed the experience.  It was wonderful to see their engagement and enthusiasm.