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Highlights of Term 4

Term 4 has been action packed!  Here are just a few of the highlights from Term 4.  Do look at our Highlights of Term 4 Gallery to see lots more photos.


This term Foundation have been exploring life back in 1666. They learnt all about the Great fire of London, what caused the fire to start and how it spread. They had great fun learning facts and creating their own diaries and artwork about this historic event. 




Pine have been looking at the topic of light in science this term, which has meant that there have been plenty of opportunities to get practical. One particular lesson focused on the concept of reflection and the class were asked to take on the role of book bag designers that were safe to use at night. The children really enjoyed handling and testing the materials, with a particular focus on different properties that create the best reflection.


In Willow, we have been learning the importance of personal hygiene, particularly washing our hands.  The students conducted an experiment to demonstrate the repellent effect soap has on ‘germs’ (pepper).  The boys were amazed and have been scrupulously washing their hands ever since!!


Elm class worked super hard to decorate and sell cakes to help raise money for Red Nose Day. The children were all able to practice their communication skills, interacting politely with customers. They also built on their money handling skills, ensuring customers paid the correct amount and were given the correct change!  They were incredibly proud of the money they raised to help others!


In Science, Beech class is learning about sound. Students were keen to investigate the volume of sound using a decibel meter.

Although it may have looked like Beech were having an afternoon nap (see photo below) - they were actually exploring mindfulness meditation!

Elm making cakes Pine class Science practical Willow personal hygiene  


Oak Class recently had a trip to the Post Office.  They enjoyed finding out what the Post Office looks like, how to buy and pay for stamps and where they needed to post their letters.  They are looking forward to seeing their post arrive!

Oak post office



Earth class have been covering the topic of "budgeting" in their ASDAN lessons. Their task was to make hot snacks and stay within an allocated budget of £10

They used a mode of transport (train) to travel to Bracknell and purchased all items at Tesco

Earth shopping  Earth shopping  Earth hot snacks


World Book Day was a great opportunity to get all our students excited about English.  Our World Book Day news article will give you an insight into the day.


Find out more about what our secondary students have been up to in maths this term in our maths news article.


Science week was a real highlight of the term. For full details, see the Science Week news article.

Computer Science

In Computer Science, David Barker, a well-known author, talked to our Key Stage 3 students about how his book covers are designed and the importance of design choices. This also provided a great opportunity for the Key Stage 4 iMedia students to mentor the Key Stage 3 students in graphic design. See our Author visit news article for more information and photos of the event.


Year 7 students have been learning about The Black Death in history and have produced some fantastic posters.  The Black Death was a plague that hit Europe in the 14th century, spread quickly and killed millions of people.  It's important to learn about it as it teaches us how diseases can spread and why it's so important to take care of our health.  

Drama and Music

In Drama primary students have been learning about stop-motion animation.  They have have created their own short stop-motion clips, designing a storyboard, creating their characters, then filming in a stop-motion style! 

Secondary students have been busy rehearsing for Shrek the musical our school production. The students have done an amazing job, they have been committed and enthusiastic during rehearsals and have produced a brilliant and fun show. Students have gone above and beyond for the performance and we are all really proud of how mature and professional they have been! Do look at our Shrek news article and Shrek photo Gallery.


This term the students have used art to express their thoughts and feelings around World Book Day.  You can see some of their competition submissions in our World Book Day Gallery.  Alongside this they have been print making and using mixed media art to combine different styles, media, and techniques to create work that allowed them to express themselves creatively. As part of their discovery they have looked at diverse artists such as Johanna Goodman, Njideka Akunyili Crosby, and Favianna Rodriguez. This was not only to focus on the art and artists but to expose students to diverse artists and female artists who are often overlooked.


In Secondary PE students have been developing their skills in handball and hockey. Handball is a student favourite and their attitude towards learning has been exceptional. Hockey (a new sport for many of our students) has been really popular and has allowed many of the students to develop their hand-eye coordination skills. Although many found the sport challenging, both technically and with regard to the rules/gameplay, we have been really impressed with their resilience and determination to succeed.  Students have also been doing some fun and engaging activities which have been focusing on teamwork, communication and coordination. 

In Primary PE,  students have been completing a range of activities to improve their coordination and teamwork skills. They have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that these games/activities offer and, as always, we have been really impressed with their resilience and how effectively they work together.

We were able to squeeze in a home football fixture against The Rise. With the success of the tournament in Reading a month ago, it was time for the B team to showcase their skills. The students performed exceptionally well and came away with a well earned 6-4 win. Some notable highlights were Taim and Abdul making their Heathermount debuts and the mighty Charlie D scoring a goal on his 16th Birthday! The man of the match awards, which are voted by the players after the game, were awarded to Abdul for an outstanding debut and Ethan for his work ethic throughout the whole match. The manager's player was awarded to Traivys for his support and leadership on the pitch. Well done to all players who were involved! We are hoping to have more fixtures in the next term.

PE indoors  PE - tournament


In PSHE this term, Beech and Elm have been learning about careers, what they might like to do in the future and what skills and qualities they may need for a job. They have also been on trips to the local Tesco's to work on travel training and handling money.

In Secondary, Neptune and Saturn have been learning about finance and all about bank accounts.  Jupiter and Pluto have been doing work on mental health and emotional wellbeing, learning different strategies to help them.  They have also just started doing work on Careers with Jax, Assistant Headteacher, in one of their PSHE lessons.  Mars has been learning about influence, particularly when it comes to drugs and alcohol and where to find help and support, and Mercury has been doing work on independence and how to identify signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Business Admin

In Young Enterprise students in Mercury class have been selling the plants they made using recycled compost and glass jars during their Enterprise and Horticulture lessons.  As well as creating their first T-shirt and preparing merchandise for the school's performance of Shrek the musical.


Key Stage 4 students, who are completing a Level 2 qualification with City & Guilds, food production and cookery have been busy finishing their cakes, sponges and scones unit. 

Scones are quite tricky to make, as you should not handle the dough too much, or they won’t rise. 

Students rubbed in, greased and lined, shaped, glazed and baked, with some fabulous results, serving with lashings of butter and strawberry jam. 


Here are some pictures of the “burger off” two boys in Mercury had!  Homemade burgers with bacon, cheese, tomato, gherkins, fried onions and lettuce…..  both burgers looked amazing!



Construction students are busily working on turning their frames into handcrafted side tables.  They have been hard at work sanding and preparing their legs for assembly. We can’t wait to see the fished products!

Horticulture & Forest School

In Forest School, the students have been learning how to read maps, use a compass and find given locations. While, in Horticulture students have begun to plant seeds and get the greenhouses and polytunnels ready for the warmer weather.