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T2 Odds Farm Park Trip

On Thursday 3rd April we went on our reward trip to Odds Farm Park in High Wycombe. Although it was overcast and cloudy our spirits were high. Upon arrival we waited patiently for our turn to pay and buy animal food.
Our first stop was the animal barn where we saw sheep and lambs, goats and kids, pigs and piglets, rabbits, hens, cows and donkeys. We then fed the goats and sheep, some more successfully than others! After carefully washing our hands we went outside and made full use of the fitness trail, mini-golf and swings. Following lunch we returned to the animal barn where we watched Zebedee the Jersey cow being milked and stroked the rabbits. It was then tie for an ice-cream before returning before returning to the animal barn where we saw two lambs being born. It was then time to go back to school. It was a great day enjoyed by all.