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Heathermount Launches it's New Website.

 The Deputy Headteacher, Ben Robinson, and the ICT Manager, Scott Berry have been working closely with E4Education and have designed and constructed the school's new website. The nine month process began in late September 2013 when Ben and Scott began searching for website design companies that were experienced working with schools. After several meetings, E4Education were chosen and the design process started in earnest in January 2014. In our initial design meeting we established that there were five main considerations; the colours of Heathermount and Disabilities Trust, the National Autistic Society's paper on what makes an autistic friendly website, The Department of Education's guidelines on school websites, user friendly for everyone in the school community and an exciting, professional design that really shows the fantastic work that goes on at Heathermount. The design process was long, creative  and sometimes complicated that produced  fifteen designs in all.  Ben had many long discussions on the phone to the designer!! The design was signed off just before the Easter Holiday's which then signalled another stage of creating, and designing the sites content. This included taking further photographs of our students within the classrooms and making sure the sites structure was how we wanted it. The result is for all to see!

We are still working on uploading further content that  will give the users greater  information. This includes linking our new Management Information System to the site which will enable information such as timetables  and individual student attendance figures to be shared more easily. Each parent will be given a unique password in order to do so. These new initiatives will be seen over the coming months. In addition, we will be linking in our annual  parent questionnaire as well as the initial questionnaire on the thoughts of the user about how useful this new site is and what improvements can be made.

We hope this site will make it easier for parents, carers, local authorities, prospective parents and students to access information quickly and efficiently.

As ever, working on a project like this involves many people and Ben would like to thank Julie-Ann Stone, Scott Berry, John Haynes, The Disabilities Trust and E4Education for making it a successful one. Ben would especially like to thank Scott whose patience, expertise and late finishes were greatly appreciated.