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Auschwitz Visit, Safer Internet Day and Army Visit


Firstly Jack and Nathan, two of our Sixth Form students, will be visiting Auschwitz on Thursday 5th February 2015 as part of The Holocaust Trust’s Lesson from Auschwitz project. Through this project, sixth-form students and their teachers from many schools around the country take part in two afternoon seminars and a one-day visit to the former Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau in order to then pass on the lessons in their schools and communities. Jack and Nathan have already have completed the Orientation Seminar which focused on the victims’ lives before the war and listened to the testimony of a Holocaust survivor. They also met the other students that are going on this trip and were encouraged to talk about their expectations and preconceptions about the visit to the camp and the potential impact that the visit may have on them.  Our History teacher Bart Gawlik has been working with Jack and Nathan over a number of weeks now and will be visiting Auschwitz with them. The group leaves the school at 4am on Thursday 5th and arrives back on the same day at midnight. It will be a long day but this experience will remain with them for the rest of their lives. For further information, please visit:  .

Secondly, the school will be celebrating ‘Safer Internet day’ on Tuesday 10th February 2015. With a focus on ‘Lets Create a Better Internet Together’ our Sixth Form and Middle School students have been studying ESafety in their PSHE lessons. They have been gathering material for a whole school assembly which will take place on the 10th February that focuses on knowing safer practices when using the internet. Further information can be found on our ESafety page on the school website ( ) and .

Finally, on Thursday 29th January we had a visit from the British Army Seven Rifles Regiment as part of the centenary celebration of the First World War. Three army officers were invited by our Parent Partnership Officer, Julie Swann to provide three short seminars on: WW1 memorabilia, modern warfare equipment and a vehicle recently returned from Afghanistan. Classes were suspended for Lessons 5 & 6 and the school was divided into 3 small groups who then visited the seminars in turn. Charley, one of our students commented that he was ‘suprised at how much equipment the soldier got in his kitbag’. Some of our students are now following this up with a History project where they are finding out about their relatives who served in WW1. A display in the History of these projects will follow. Also in T1 class students are writing up what they recall and saw in these sessions as part of their Literacy class.