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Student Council Visit Houses Of Parliament

The new academic year has started and already members of the student council visited the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 8th September as part of their training to develop into better student councillors. The group travelled to London with Priya (staff leader of the student council) and Steve (PSHE teacher) early in the morning via train, soon arriving at the Houses of Parliament. For some of our students, this was the first time that they had seen this iconic building and so for them it was a huge experience that will live in the memory forever.

Heathermount Student Council attended a debating workshop and tour of the Houses of Parliament. The students had the opportunity to walk in the path of some of the great historical figures of kings, queens and political leaders.

The students then participated in a debating workshop which taught the Student Councillors key debating skills which incorporated body language, assertiveness, and intonation. The students proved worthy debating opponents and later posed thought provoking questions to the MP of Windsor, Adam Afriye on the armed forces, and Autism.

The staff at the Parliament Education centre were skilled at adapting their language to suit the students’ understanding and were impressed at the students’ knowledge. The Student Councillors thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would love to visit again.


Mathew, one of student councillors said

‘The day was awesome, I had never seen The Houses of Parliament before and now I have seen it and been inside too!’