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Students to visit Barclays Bank - Update

On Wednesday 21st October 2015, Heathermount students have been invited to visit a branch of Barclays Bank to see what goes on behind the counter, and to be introduced to the world of personal banking.

Students will be shown the day-to-day workings of a bank and also be introduced to a range of personal bank accounts to provide an insight to owning a bank account and the many features available including accounts to help save money.


On Wednesday 21st October two classes went to visit a local branch of Barclays located in  Ascot high street. Our younger 'Leopards' class visited in the morning and our Sixth form class went in the afternoon. Both groups had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the bank, going behind the counter and were given the opportunity to look inside the safe.

As well as a guided tour around the bank Leopards class learnt about the importance of saving, and how banks keep their money safe from thieves. Students quizzed Barclays staff on some of the terms they used, such as 'saving for a rainy day'. The Sixth form learnt about personal banking, budgeting as well as the importance of having a positive credit rating. 

All of the students really enjoyed this unique trip, and the Barclays staff commented on how engaged they were throughout the visit.