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Sixth form students visit the Imperial War Museum

On Friday 23rd October 2015, Heathermount sixth form students were offered the opportunity to visit the Imperial War Museum in London as an exciting and informative off-site trip.

The students were accompanied by staff members Steve, Bart, Priya and Fiona and thoroughly enjoyed their day.

After the trip, the students were asked to recount their experiences of the day, some off which can be seen below.


"At the Imperial War Museum on the base level I saw Montgomery’s jeep and some weapons like the PPSH and tank mine. In my opinion seeing and wearing the left tenants’ uniform was the best bit of the Imperial War Museum. That I went too but seeing all the weapons from the World War was great."

- Lewis


"My favourite exhibition was on the 3rd floor. Showing the fashion in the time of the Great War, it appealed to me because you could see the differences between British and German clothes. My ambitions on the trip were to learn more about regimental history. I noticed some information about the Fusiliers that happen to be my favourite regiment in the British army."

- Nathan


"The visit to the museum was a new experience for me. I had never personally been to one so full of old machines and structures. My favourite part of the museum by far was the multicultural scale ships. The designs and shapes of the boats really gave a clear picture on their operation in the past. Small details on each of the models made them very interesting to look at and in my opinion one of the most interesting things there."

- David