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Heathermount School takes part in Earth Day 2016

On April 22nd 2016, lessons took on a slightly different focus at Heathermount School. This was in aid of celebrating our planet and thinking of ways that we can be more ‘ecologically friendly’ in our day to day lives.

In PSHE, students were presented with the challenge of creating useful items out of recyclable materials which sparked a high level of creativity and led to students producing a model jet engine, a fully working yoyo, a blow dart and a cardboard house.

A simulation of water pollution was also undertaken by the Key Stage 2 students, which was extremely thought provoking. The Key Stage 3 students went on a learning walk around site to look for and discuss things that they saw as to whether they are good or harmful to the Earth. They concluded their Earth Day findings by watching a documentary called ‘Save the planet’ which was thoroughly enjoyed and encouraged an in depth discussion on various ways to save planet earth.

Key Stage 4 students looked at the ecological impact of the school site and participated in a thought provoking discussion on what they can do in their everyday lives to support ecological sustainability.

 Some comments from the students include;

“Go outside more instead of staying in and using electricity to power game consoles, TVs etc.” (Aaron)
“Recycle more, especially minerals, ores and plastics.” (unnamed student)
“Clean the car while it’s raining rather than using a hosepipe.” (Courtney)
“Recycle chewing gum instead of just spitting it out on the floor, turn it into plastic.” (Lewis)
“Create a human ‘hamster wheel’ to run household appliances from.” (Andrew)

Attached are some pictures from Earth Day 2016