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Heathermount student at Heathrow Terminal 2 trials for work experience

Samuele has been attending the Heathrow Terminal 2 trials, due to open in June 2014, as part of his work experience. This has involved many aspects of the travelling experience at Heathrow, including:
  • The new self service checkout system within the new Terminal 2
  • Dropping off of passengers into the Terminal 2
  • The picking up of passengers
  • Finding the flight number on the relevant flight board
  • Check out and bag drop-off area
  • Finding the correct flight boarding area
After attending the trials, he has to write reviews, complete questionnaires and submit the relevant information to the trial team.
Heathermount staff have then built upon the experience and used it as a base for his literacy, numeracy and ICT sessions, which will then lead to his Functional Skills levels 1 and 2 qualifications. This has included:
  • The things he would need to consider, for example when booking a holiday, such as flights, transfers, travel time, costs, budgets, unexpected delays, strategies, support available and how to support others.
  • The skills involved with the reading of the supplied materials such as when to be scanning, checking, fully reading, comfirmation of reading material, being able to answer and when it all needs to be fully comprehended.
  • ICT updates at Heathrow, where the information can be found and what we use it for in everyday life, how it is presented, how it is interpreted and the data protection issues involved.
Samuele is due to continue his work experience for the forseeable future.