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Purpose and Aims of Key Stage 3 Drama

At Heathermount, Key Stage 3 Drama is a relatively new subject that has been introduced in the last 3 years. We believe that creativity is an important skill and none more so than Drama where students will learn a range of skills ranging from working with others to performing small scripts. Emphasis is placed on using the drama process to develop confidence, concentration, group work skills, communication skills and creative thinking.

Students are mainly taught in one lesson every two weeks.

Drama at Heathermount is broken down into three major areas; making, presenting and evaluating.

Aims of Making:

  • To develop social skills such as confidence, cooperation, working as a group, problem solving and concentration.
  • To use the drama process to communicate own ideas and perceptions through discussion and development of character.
  • To create and experiment with different dramatic styles and drama forms.

Aims of Presenting

  • To create and interpret scripted and unscripted plays in performance.
  • To use imagination in creation of characters with the use of appropriate vocal and physical skills to communicate dramatic intentions.

Aims of Evaluating

  • To understand the effectiveness of own work and that of professional theatre companies.
  • To watch and evaluate live theatre.
  • To develop constructive criticism and self-evaluation.

  The ASDAN Expressive Arts qualification:

New in 2016/17 is the introduction of the ASDAN Expressive Arts qualification for one of our Key Stage 3 Classes. The ASDAN Expressive Arts Short Course accredits up to 60 hours of expressive and creative arts activities and will  allow students to explore the different aspects of Performing Arts in a number of exciting ways. At the end of this one year Entry Level course, students will be presented with a certificate to celebrate their achievements.