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Essential Skills

Course Details

Examining Board: City and Guilds
Duration: 2 Years
Specification Code 5546
Levels Certificate/Diploma in Employability Skills
Entry 3 - Level 2

Purpose and Aim

Employability Skills qualifications are designed to support an individual successfully gaining a job, progressing in a chosen field, preparing the individual for further study and supporting the development of techniques required for successful independent living.

At Heathermount we recognise the individual students who want to live a more independent life, progress in education and/or their employment prospects; get into a job, develop on the job or move onto the next job, as they progress along the career ladder. The programme is designed specific to their needs.

Assessment Details

At Heathermount students will be taught:

  • to develop knowledge and skills towards independent living and learning.
  • provide valuable accreditation of skills and knowledge for students.

To enable students to progress we have set assessment dates throughout the year that are all planned and executed by our Quality Assurance Team. To enable students to progress in vocational settings we have arranged a variety of work placements for the students to be able to experience the relevant personal skills required in the various settings.

Independent Learning

 Practice transferable skills