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GCSE History

Course Details

Examining Board AQA
Duration 3 years
Specification Code 8145
Levels GCSE

GCSE History B is the fully accredited assessment. The course helps students to develop their knowledge and understanding of selected periods and aspects of History. This three-unit specification has been accredited in line with Ofqual's current specifications. The specification requires students to develop their ability to understand, analyse and evaluate key features and characteristics of historical periods studied and the relationship between them. This course has 25 per cent controlled assessment

Purpose and Aims of Study

This has been designed to build on work undertaken at Key Stage 3. The specification has been developed with reference to National Curriculum Attainment Targets and GCSE subject criteria for History. It can be used in conjunction with any GCSE History specification, particularly those offered by AQA. It therefore offers opportunities for Entry Level students to work alongside those following a GCSE course in History.

Assessment Details

The specification is available on the AQA website.

Independent Learning

AQA - Specimen papers
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BBC - GCSE Bitesize


Conflict and tension, 1918–1939
Conflict and tension, 1918–1939
Norman England, c1066–c1100
Norman England, c1066–c1100
Power and the people: c1170 to the present day
Power and the people: c1170 to the present day