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GCSE Science - Double Award

Course Details

Examining Board: AQA
Duration: 3 Years
Specification Code 8465
Levels GCSE - Foundation or Higher
This qualification is linear. Linear means that students will sit all their exams at the end of the course.
Purpose and Aims of Study
GCSE Science Synergy aims to give students an understanding of how Science affects and applies to everyday life by putting Science in context. The Biology, Chemistry and Physics content is integrated to show how Science is everywhere in our lives.
The specification is based on themes rather than the different scientific disciplines. It aims to give students an understanding of basic scientific concepts in a way that brings them to life and makes the knowledge relevant, rather than look at Science for its own sake. It also gives students an insight into why the work of scientists is important.
It is suitable for students of all abilities, whether they intend further study in Science or not. It encourages students to develop practical scientific skills.
Subject content
1. Building blocks
2. Transport over larger distances
3. Interactions with the environment
4. Explaining change
5. Building blocks for understanding
6. Interactions over small and large distances
7. Movement and interactions
8. Guiding Spaceship Earth towards a sustainable future

Independent Learning

AQA website - work through past papers and use mark schemes and examiner reports
My GCSE Science
Creative Chemistry
Masterminding Molecules