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Our Homework consultation process has recently closed and we are now continuing to develop our provision in all areas across the school. Within the consultation process we researched the effectiveness of the impact of homework using the Education Endowment Fund (EEF), we had an online family homework questionnaire, the Student Council completed a written questionnaire and we have had several developmental meetings with staff. This has resulted in writing our new Homework policy which can be found under policies within this website.

Our Definition of Homework

Homework refers to tasks given to students by their teachers to be completed outside lessons. There are many forms of homework that include: reading, practising tasks previously taught in class, revision for exams and projects. At Heathermount we see homework as more than these traditional ‘academic’ tasks and therefore, where appropriate, other activities, such as social skills, practising calm plans, will also be used.

Creating the right environment for homework

Help your child keep to a routine. Some children prefer to do homework straight after school, whereas others prefer to 'unwind' first and then do homework later. Let your child decide what is right for them. Try to create a suitable place where they can do homework, ideally somewhere with a clear work surface, good lighting and no interruptions. You might have to live with some music as many children like to work with music on to keep them company.

Some children prefer to study alone, others with friends or family. If there isn’t space in your home try a local library or homework club. Visit the local library with your child and encourage them to use it. They can use computers there to get on the internet if you don’t have access at home. The internet can be great for looking up information and finding out more about a topic, but do note that it shouldn't be used as a substitute for doing the work - downloading course work or essays from the web will be viewed as cheating by schools and colleges.


How to get help from Heathermount School

We are always willing to help. If you require further information / or need advice please use one of the following methods:

  • Email the subject teacher.
  • Email the Group Tutor.
  • Phone the school.


You will see the Homework Timetables for the secondary students on the right handside blue links and information for Primary students and families.