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Creating the right environment for homework

Keep to a routine. You may prefer to do homework straight after school. You may prefer to 'unwind' first and then do homework later.  Decide what is right for you. Try to create a suitable place where you can do homework, ideally somewhere with a clear work surface, good lighting and no interruptions. 

You may prefer to study alone, others with friends or family. If there isn’t space in your home try a local library or homework club. 

Secondary Students: using the Student Portal and the Homework Folders.

You will be able to access your homework using the Student Portal. Your Group Tutors have given you your username and password. You will be required to access the Student Portal at least once everyday. 

The link to the Student Portal is:

Your Group tutors will also give you Homework Folders. Some teachers will set the homework using the portal and give you some resources that will help you complete this. You put these resorces into this folder.

How to get help from Heathermount School

We are always willing to help. If you require further information / or need advice please use one of the following methods:

  • Email the subject teacher.
  • Email the Group Tutor.
  • Talk to your subject teacher.