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Course Details

Examining Board Course Details
Duration 2 Years
Specification Code 7573
Levels Certificates/Diplomas in Practical Horticulture
Entry 3 - Level 2

Purpose and Aim

At Heathermount we focus upon the fundamental practical skills in horticulture, the student will be able to learn skills such as planting out, preparing ground, pruning, using a mower, maintaining turf or constructing a Path. This will be started within our beautiful grounds and as students’ progress into our community

At Heathermount students will be taught:

  • To develop knowledge and skills towards independent living and learning
  • Encourage to learn, develop and practise basic catering and food safety skills required for employment and/or career progression in the hospitality sector.
  • Provide valuable accreditation of skills and knowledge for students, without requiring or proving occupational competence.

Level 1 - Introduction to the horticulture industry and a basic understanding of the work involved in the industry

Level 2 - Students have some knowledge and basic skills in the horticulture industry.

Assessment Details

To enable students to progress we have set assessment dates throughout the year that are all planned and executed by our Quality Assurance Team.

In order to accredit the work students complete they need to achieve credits to gain the qualifications :

Award will need 6 units.
Certificate will need 22 units,
Diploma will need 37 units.

Independent Learning

Printable English & literacy resources

Curriculum Map - Weather Permitting

See attached document below

  1. Horticulture KS4 curriculum map