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Jaguars Class

In Jaguars class, this year we put great care and focus on preparation to SATs as well as working closesly with staff and the children on developing their social skills.

In Maths, by the end of year 6, children will structure their own investigations and solve a wide variety of increasingly complex problems. They will independently develop their own lines of enquiry and be expected to prove their solutions in a variety of ways including algebra, negative proof (use a counter example to prove the rule) and be able to communicate their results using accurate mathematical language. Children will demonstrate secure knowledge and confidence to talk in depth about mathematical concepts and explain their solutions, decisions and reasoning.

In English lessons, children are taught speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through studying a variety of styles of writing (genres).  Teachers follow the Read, Write Inc scheme, which means that children will firstly be taught to read and understand the text, then practise the skills of the style of writing (including grammar) and apply into their own writing. 

During Science, the children will be focusing on evolution and inheritance. Children will be learning about famous scientists and will have the opportunity to work scientifically through observing, asking questions and collecting evidence.