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My Child at School

I am pleased to announce that after a successfull introducion  to a selection of our parents we are now rolling  out Heathermount’s version of MyChildAtSchool to all parents from Key Stage 1 onwards. 

MyChildAtSchool is an online portal for parents/carers enabling another view to their child’s performance at school in real time via a web browser. The portal allows you to see your child’s attendance, grades, exam results, timetable, class list and behaviour whenever you want, 24/7.  We are also looking at introducing homework and access to end of year reports via the portal in the future too.

MyChildAtSchool is linked to our school’s Management Information System which is Bromcom. This has many advantages to us as a school, one of which is another form of ‘live’ communication to the parents. It also has many other advantages that include:

1.       You now have live access to your child’s attendance figures. 

2.       You now have access to all your child’s exams that they have passed which will help when completing college application forms for instance.

3.       You will be able to see positive remarks from teachers regarding areas such as homework completion or good engagement in lessons.

4.       You will be able to see when your child has an exam booked.


It is important to note that the Heathermount’s version of MyChildAtSchool has been set up to represent all of the Key Stages that we cater for in our school. Therefore there may be some areas in the portal which may not be useful at this present time. For example, Primary students have not started any examination qualifications and therefore this area is blank in the portal however for our Secondary students, this will provide vital data of achievement and progress. We are working with Bromcom to rectify this so we can differentiate between our Primary and Secondary areas.

Below, we have provided you with the link to the portal and a PDF handbook that has been published by Bromcom. You should have already received your username and password via an email sent by Ben Robinson.

If you require any assisatnce, please do not hesitate in contacting Ben Robinson.

Enjoy Heathermount’s version of MyChildAtSchool.


Browser Link:

  1. MCAS - Parent Guide (February 2012)