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PSHE refers to the Personal, Social, Health Education. PSHE is about the Child, the development of their values, knowledge, skills and attributes that will need to support them now and in their future. These skills and attributes help pupils to stay healthy, safe and prepare them for life and work in modern Britain. When taught well, PSHE education helps pupils to achieve their academic potential, and leave school equipped with skills they will need throughout later life. The curriculum is student centric and strives to support all students in making personal progress. Students will have some existing knowledge, skills, understanding and beliefs relating to many PSHE issues. They will have been exposed to parental, family, peer, school, community and media views on different issues and will be aware of a range of related attitudes and values. They will be developing – or have developed their own ideas and responses and teachers need to be aware of this. Students’ existing knowledge, skills, understanding and beliefs can be used as a starting point for discussion and help ensure learning is relevant.

The subject is organised into broadly 6 categories:

  1. Self-awareness (Me, who I am, my likes, dislikes, talents and interests)
  2. Self-care, support and safety (Looking after myself and keeping safe) includes aspects of Relationships and sex education
  3. Relationships: Managing Feelings (Understanding feelings and that how I feel and how others feel affects choices and behaviour) includes aspects of Relationships and sex education
  4. Relationships: Changing and Growing (How I and others are changing; new opportunities and responsibilities) includes aspects of Relationships and sex education
  5. Healthy lifestyles (Being and keeping healthy on the ‘outside’ and on the ‘inside’)
  6. The world I live in (Living confidently in the wider world)

More information about the PSHE curriculum at Heathermount can be found in the document below.

  1. PSHE philosophy, design & student progress