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Panthers Class

The Panthers class is structured with an emphasis on intrinsic reward for each student. Every lesson it is possibly to achieve a maximum of two stickers; for completing the work set, and for following a personal target which is agreed at the beginning of every term. This personal target is then reiterated at the beginning of every lesson to ensure that students are aware of what they are working towards.

The students are exposed to a wide range of the curriculum, from the core subjects of English, Maths and Science to vocational subjects such as horticulture and catering. For English, we follow the Read Write Inc scheme, which is differentiated for the attainment level of each student.

The focus of Panthers class is to prepare the students to achieve at secondary level by setting the foundations for learning which they can then take forward to year six and beyond.

Below you will find the Curriculum Map for 2016/17

  1. Panthers Curriculum Map 2016/17