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School Uniform

Our school uniform comprises a jumper (blue in primary and grey in secondary), a white polo shirt and grey trousers or skirt.  When the weather permits, grey shorts or a blue checked summer dress can be worn.   For PE and outdoor education students wear a gold T-shirt and shorts.  

We believe that school uniform is important:

  • It looks smart
  • Is designed with health and safety in mind
  • Wears well
  • Contributes to a sense of belonging and community
  • Gives a common purpose
  • Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
  • Fosters a feeling of pride

We ask that all children wear the uniform and encourage them to maintain a good standard of clean and tidy dress in school.

The uniform is designed to be practical, maintainable and good value for money.

Hair accessories such as slides, hairbands and bobbles should be fairly simple and if possible in school colours.

It is asked that all items are labelled clearly with the child's name.

We ask that children do not wear jewellery in school for safety reasons.

It is important that children are properly dressed for physical activity.  PE kit should be kept in a named drawstring bag.

Whilst all school uniform can be purchased directly from our supplier branded items are not compulsory and uniform can be purchased from a retailer of your choice.

If you wish to order uniform from our supplier, please click the link below: