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The Therapy Team

Heathermount benefits from an onsite multi-disciplinary therapy team which consists of three Speech Therapists, an Occupational Therapist and a Clinical Psychologist.  Each discipline offers a unique and slightly different perspective to understanding the needs of young people with autism and all unite to give us as a school a more holistic view of how best to support our students.


Therapists work at many different levels. Some students may need individual programmes with a therapist to address a particular need or concern, sometimes therapists will provide input to the whole class on particular topics or areas of needs and throughout the school and all lessons therapeutic practices are embedded in the day to day running of the school.

Upon entry to the school, students undergo a variety of assessments including sensory, speech and behavioural.  It is from these assessments that the therapeutic needs of the student are identified and a support plan developed, if needed.  Assessment takes place over time and in a variety of contexts across the school.  All staff have input into these assessments and with the support of the therapists, those staff who know the students best, will lead on the development of support plans/packages.

Support plans are reviewed on a regular basis to determine their effectiveness and next steps.  The timings of the reviews depend on the need of the student at the time, some can be reviewed every two weeks, for others it may be once a term.  All students undergo an Annual Review, which includes a review of their therapeutic needs.  All staff contribute to these reviews.